20% OFF FABRICS for cuts of 10m+
20% OFF FABRICS for cuts of 10m+

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The Remnant Warehouse is Australia's largest online store, boasting more than 10000+ items available to order online 24/7, with new stock arriving every day. The Remnant Warehouse is proud to offer some of the best value for money silk, jersey and dance fabrics available to shoppers in the USA, as well as world wide shipping across the globe!

All of our stock is located in and sent out of Sydney, Australia. 

While we have stock service ranges for those who require ongoing consistent supply, the majority of our fabrics and trims are purchased from designers at the end of their manufacturing run. Typically, left over (or 'deadstock') fabrics would go to waste or end up in land fill at the end of the season, but The Remnant Warehouse purchases these excess fabrics from the designers to supply customers all over the world with beautiful designer fabrics at the best prices.